commitment to transparency

Your health is a top priority. An important part of joyful well-being is knowing exactly what’s inside the foods and products you enjoy on a daily basis. Here at organifi, we believe food can be medicine, that plants are powerful, and - when nourished - the body can heal itself.

Beginning with the quality of ingredients we source, our standards are upheld through every step in the production process. We ensure each product batch is tested and stands up to the certifications we stand for: USDA organic, non-GMO, Glyphosate Residue Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Kosher.


All organifi blends are produced in a GMP certified facility -- which means that the facility is an FDA approved facility -- and each batch must pass microbial testing before any product is allowed to be released into the marketplace. Every batch is also tested for heavy metals and aligned with California's exclusive Prop 65 regulations.

We use multiple, accredited, third-party labs to ensure consistency and accuracy:

Europhins, ABC Testing,micro Quality Labs

With each batch, we receive a COA (Certificate Of Analysis) document issued by a trusted lab that confirms the blend has undergone strict testing. The COA provides detailed information ensuring the finished blends meet organifi’s highest quality standard.

we test every product batch for: Microorganisms & pathogens, Heavy metals, Chemical Pesticides/Fertilizers, Synthetic Herbicides/Fungicides, GMO’s, Glyphosate, Gluten, Other contaminants

Understanding COA’s

→ Physical description of what is being tested

→ The most widely used technique for evaluating microorganisms in foods. The purpose is to estimate the number of viable microorganism cells in a given sample of food.

Total Plate Count is a method of estimating the total number of microorganisms. This includes bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungi which are broken down into the listed sections above. There are many strains of the tested organisms that are harmless but it is important to test because others can lead to severe illness

→ Metallic chemical elements that have can be toxic or poisonous at low concentrations

Lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury are elements that occur naturally in our environment in trace amounts. Due to modern living and pollution these chemicals have infiltrated our air, water and soil. They are hard to minimize or get rid of entirely. They enter the food supply when plants take them up as they grow. These metals are often found in foods that are grown organically in the ground even though no chemicals have been added to them.

What is Prop 65?

Prop 65 is a CA regulation that requires warnings for any products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. This applies to any products sold or manufactured in the state of California.

This Prop 65 warning is required by California for all products and produce made within the state. California has the strictest heavy metal testing in the world. Even some of the produce (kale, spinach, etc.) at local grocery stores must bear the Prop 65 warning. To prove how strict the proposition requirements are, we purchased and tested three organic spinach samples from top retailers here in California. We dried the spinach and sent samples out to a 3rd party lab for analysis on lead content. What we found was that more than one serving of any of these organic spinach samples bought from the produce section contained levels higher than the legal limit according to the prop 65 requirements.

In essence, the label lets consumers know that a product comes from the soil and that soil may contain traces of chemicals or heavy metals. But as you know, organifi blends undergo strict and rigorous third-party testing to ensure these chemicals and heavy metals never make it into the ingredients or finished blends.