5 collagen types • 4 sources • Glyphosate Residue Free

Give your body the best tools to replenish and rebuild, and you’ll be rewarded with healthier hair, stronger nails, radiant skin, and much more.

  • Supports Strong Skin Health
  • May Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Promotes Nail Growth and Strength
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Putting the Pieces Together Again

What is collagen? It’s the most abundant protein in the body. It’s everywhere – from your blood vessels and muscles all the way out to your skin and the tiny little hairs that live there too.

The word “collagen” literally means “the glue that keeps all our many different parts and pieces together,” and that’s a great way to think of it.

However… by the time we reach our 30s, we’ve already begun to lose our ability to produce healthy new collagen naturally. That’s when we start to experience the normal signs of aging.

The Good News Is…

Consuming high-quality collagen gives you a fresh, replenishing supply. Your body uses this by breaking it down and redistributing those building blocks throughout your joints, muscles, and organs – all the way up to your radiating skin.

Collagen also helps support:
- Optimal Gut Health
- Metabolism
- Cardiovascular Health
- Immune System Strength
- And Much More


How to Use Organifi Multi Collagen

This is an amazingly versatile powder, with no taste whatsoever. That means you can add it to just about anything! 
  • Mix it into your morning coffee.
  • Blend it up with your smoothie.
  • Stir it into your yogurt.
There are a thousand and one ways to use your new collagen – what’s YOUR favorite method?
  • Hydrolyzed Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides

    This protein form is derived from pasture-raised cows. It’s associated with relief from aches and pains in joints, radiant skin health, and even bone loss prevention.
  • Eggshell Membrane Collagen

    Taken from the thin layer between the egg and the shell, this collagen-rich membrane may be beneficial for strong joint health.
  • Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides

    Derived from wild-caught fish, this is a particularly useful collagen source because of its small particle size – making it easily digestible and absorbable.
  • Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate

    This source provides the collagen type found in your gut, joints, and cartilage, and helps support greater health both inside and out.
Premium Collagen From the Finest Sources to Help Your Body Replenish

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