HRD // KLL Food For Life

Grass Fed Whey • Collagen • Butter • Lucuma • Maple Sugar

Protein, butter, collagen, maple sugar, and plant-based vitamins and minerals set this product apart and power every living cell in your body… that makes you HRD // KLL.

  • Convenient for the entire family
  • Micronutrients and antioxidants from real food
  • Nothing synthetic or artificial – as real as you are
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Certified Gluten Free Soy Free

Food Is Fuel for a Life Worth Living

We are living in a time where anything can and will happen. When your body’s cells run on premium fuel, you are prepared mentally and physically to take care of yourself, your family, and also your community. Food for Life is an all-in-one shake that delivers organic and glyphosate-free nourishment to fill the gaps in your daily routine. Combining the highest quality proteins from plants and animals with real vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, superfood boosters, and Organifi’s signature attention to taste, this is the ultimate convenience in a glass.
  • Fortifying – A diverse composition of dense nutrition
  • Energizing – Provides long-lasting motivational power
  • Nourishing – Delicious, filling, and satisfying
Real Food – Real Fuel – For the Real You

Protein, butter, collagen, maple sugar, and plant-based vitamins and minerals power every living cell in your body.

More Than Just a Protein Shake…

Protein is a great start, but Arlynd and Angi wanted to create an all-in-one solution not only to meet the daily needs of their family but for emergency food storage. 

 The diverse combination of animal and plant-based protein sources ensures you receive a complete amino acid profile and a wide range of nutrients for comprehensive wellness support. It includes healthy sources of fat, nutrient-rich greens, and digestive enzymes to support different aspects of your well-being – nourishment, satiety, recovery, gut health, and overall vitality.
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Design Your All-Day, Everyday Routine.

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H R D // K L L Chaga Chai

Making yourself harder to kill means fueling your body and brain to not only survive but thrive.

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